Advanced fleet management solutions

  • Tracking
  • Communication with the driver
  • Emptying of tachograph
  • Can-Buss data
  • Alarms
  • Service modules
  • Integrated document generation

Everything you need to manage your fleet:

RclTrack includes everything you need to manage your fleet: hardware for installation in the vehicle, sim card for GSM / GPRS communication, instructions for use. accounts to access the the online interface. ON-LINE insight allows you to: generate reports, communication with the driver, driving simulation, alarms in case of theft, increased security, temperature sensors, digital and analog inputs / outputs, G sensor, PC and telephone access, …

Innovation: We strive for reliable solutions and are constantly looking for innovations that allow you to manage your fleet more easily, better and more easily.

Efficiency: We look for the most efficient options that make your business easier and simpler to manage.

Trust: Our customers demand clear and uninterrupted operation. We are a reliable provider that makes clear agreements and sticks to them.

Forklift telemetry

Unique solutions in our market in the field of forklift telemetry.

Measurement of operating hours: Accurate and reliable data are essential for forklifts. Check the activity of your work machine to the second accurately. We measure working hours for you. This way you will know at all times whether your forklift is active or not and also how long it has been active.

Measuring the presence of the driver in the vehicle: We enable the measurement of the time of the presence of the driver in the vehicle. The system is accurate and allows to determine the effectiveness of the driver, as it allows you to compare the operating time of the engine with the time of the driver’s presence in the vehicle.

Engine immobilizer: Did something unpredictable happen? Was there a collision? Do you want the vehicle to turn off automatically and trigger the engine lock? All of this is part of our system. You can also turn off the engine remotely at will.

Notification: We provide users of our system with automatic notification. Notifications may include service information, alarms before necessary services, collision notifications, engine over-notification, and more.

Logging in to the system: Disable unauthorized driving. With our help, you can only allow certain people to operate the vehicle. Each user receives their unique ID through which they log in to the vehicle. Otherwise, it will not be possible to start the vehicle.

Electric vehicles

In adition to all above mentioned car sharing solutions we offer remote battery, e-car status information and many more custom solutions for companies with electric vehicle fleets.