Vechicle tracking systems

We offer quality and accurate tracking of all vehicles. With our help, you will always know where your vehicle is located and have access to recording of all history and displaying map simulation between chosen waypoints.

Connect to your vehicle

Location is not everything, there is much more modern vehicles can do for you and we can help you access or add various functions to your vehicle that will make private life or work easier.

All telemtry solutions in one place

We offer everything you need to manage your fleet. Our system enables efficient and flawless operation and more affordable solutions.Vehicle as well as person and vessel monitoring systems are available. The entire development is our product. Our system enables efficient and flawless operation and more affordable solutions. Within the system, we enable vehicle tracking, vehicle display on a map, reports, recording of all driving history, driving simulation display, mileage display, speed display, receiving alarms and notifications for predefined events. We also offer communication with the driver, remote tachograph emptying and much more.

Be a part of advanced telemetry too.

We offer:

A sofisitcated system that is reliable and afordable.

Tracking: We offer quality tracking of all types of vehicles. With our help, you will know where your vehicle is at all times. The solution also includes recording all history and displaying the simulation of rides.

Communication with the driver: We connect our system with garmin navigation devices and enable communication with the driver right from the ‘office’. Select the desired location on the map and send the driver to the selected point, or simply send a message.

Tachograph emptying: No more worries and problems with emptying tachographs and driver cards. With our help, the transfer takes place automatically, remotely, anywhere and anytime. Avoid unnecessary routes and logistical problems and penalties for possible delays.

Can-Bus data: We provide a canbus connection for monitoring mileage, fuel and other data from the vehicle computer. The data is accurate, precise and constantly updated.

Alarming: Fear of trouble is a thing of the past. We provide immediate notification in the event of faults, and you can also be notified of speeding, driving in an unauthorized area and other unplanned events related to your vehicle.